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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

About Kenichi, History's Strongest Disciple...

Kenichi, History's Strongest Disciple has to be one of the greatest animes ever created. It has 50 episodes - a short and exciting Japanese cartoon.

Kenichi is the main character. He is a weakling that is picked on by other weaklings at school. One morning he meets a fellow female highschool student who transferred into his class.

He later finds out that this innocent-acting girl is a master of martial arts, trained by a group of ryozanpaku. In the Ryozanpaku group, each sensei (teacher) is a master of a unique martial arts. They literally do not know how to show mercy.

Kenichi begs ryzanpaku to train him, to make him stronger.

As Kenichi is mercilessly trained by the masters, he meets new opponents that wants to challenge his newly found skill, and this continues on until he meets this one strong opponent - the strongest one of them all...

This evil opponent was once his childhood friend...

Watch all the episodes to experience the exciting story of Kenichi, History's Strongest Disciple!!!